Essayons is French for "trying" . . . which is all I ever keep doing.

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Here is what others have said:
"Essayons is sampling an amazing visual repository with a striking, abstract narrative to it.
Much like but it does float, I could flip through this forever." -- ElectricGecko

"Intriguing, mysterious design." -- The Made Shop

"Your blog is gorgeous, thank you very much for sharing this beautiful collection of images and quotes you gathered here!
(And sorry for overdiligent reblogging, I just couldn't stop myself!)" -- This Is Pure Fantasy

"Just wanted to pass on many compliments to your eyes, as usual. Without sites like yours --
that is, bloggers with a defined visual aesthetic -- mine wouldn't have the traction it finally does in the creative world.
Thanks for the inspiration and keep on for keepin' on." -- Leslie Miles


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James Nares - I Can Tell, 2010, iridescent pigment and wax on linen, 94” x 67 1/4” | More posts

20110121-1 (by Samuel Monnier)
A fractal Mondrian pattern

E. Martin Hennings, Male Nudec. 1905 oil on canvas